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February 13 2011


This is  a blog under construction. I’ll probably make many changes over the next few weeks but that shouldn’t be of any great concern because I won’t be expecting much or any traffic. Most of the content of this blog is serving a placeholder function while I learn and design.


Comments where enabled are encouraged and are moderated. Blatant spam, obnoxious comments or comments that may have unwanted legal repercussions for anyone will probably not be published. I reserve the right to edit comments and may add a comment of my own explaining my reasoning.

Comments don’t necessarily have to be directly relevant to the post. But if you have any questions or if you have a topic that you’d like to have discussed it might be best to email.

If you have second thoughts about a comment and want it removed or corrected, email me. I’ll leave the empty or corrected comment as a placeholder and insert text to say that the comment was edited.

Content ie the stuff I blog.

What I write wont be written as if I was going to submit it to a scientific journal, I  just can’t be fagged.  I’ll write what I feel like writing at the time and if anyone wants to sue me or give me a hard time me they are welcome to try.  (See “Who am I?”)

Most of what I write will be in some way relevant to the blog title and the pages Who Are They? and Who AmI? These posts will have comments enabled.

Some posts will just be my own silly stuff, things to do, shopping lists, invective inspired by drink and stuff like that. Comments are likely to be disabled for these posts until such time as I become a celebrity and comments are enabled by demand.

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